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There's been a sudden influx of messages in my inbox lately, and I never thought I would have to do this but I have one thing to say about it. PLEASE STOP ASKING ME FOR POINTS! I 'aint got none, son. Even if I did, they would go to people I know-and are more deserving of them- and not solicitors. I'm sure you mean well, but if I don't know you, then I can't help.

I'm nobody of any real importance, at least from my perspective. I'm just your average person who does average things, like draw blue dogs with stars on their butts and disproportionate people that go with a story I'm currently working on (seriously man, arms and hands are hard to draw). I do what I can with what I have, which isn't much, but I get by. While most of the things I upload are drawings, my true talent is writing but I haven't gotten around to submitting a lot of short stories yet due to the amount of time it takes me to write one. It's one of those things that happen over time, or when I'm not busy.

Feel free to drop a comment or give me a critique, I'm always glad to get a little advice or just hear from people in general. I apologize in advance if I don't get to your comments/questions/ etc. right away. I work two jobs and I'm having thoughts of going back to school, so it eats up my time. It doesn't help that I detest using my phone to respond to comments since everything I type on my phone makes guesses to what I want to say and the end result makes me sound drunk. After having to re-type a word five times, it leaves a bit of a negative impact on you.


The exploits of my bosses fluctuating music tastes continue. One day could be death metal, the next day could be blues music from the 30s. Today, it's Weird Al Yankovic.
We found a first edition "Great Gatsby" in the office today! Not only is it hard to find but it's also worth several thousand dollars. How crazy is that?! I never thought I'd be lucky enough to see something this rare!
You know you've officially become an adult when you're excited about finding pine-sol in the house
MLP Next Gen: Royal Trio
Stuck in the middle of a huge storm and felt like drawing more pones. I've been working on these designs for a while and I think I'm finally happy with how they came out (all except for the middle one, who will be tweaked a bit). They're in order from oldest to youngest.

Prince Witching Hour (Salem): Son of Luna and Discord, heir to the moon and future prince of chaos. Salem is a cunning, mischievous, lighthearted joker. He knows how stressful things in the castle can be and tries to get his cousins to join him outside of the palace as much as possible. He just wants them to live (some what) normal lives and relax a bit before the day comes where they all have to take over their respective tasks. Of the three royal children, he has the most powerful magic and can do just about anything he puts his mind to. Portals to other dimensions, transformation spells, breaking the laws of physics, Salem's just about done it all. Prince by day and poet by night, Salem's work is actually quite notable. He goes by the pen name "Nosferatu" and often uses his magic to change his shape and walk around among the common ponies.

Prince Rondache: Son of Shining Armor and Cadance, prince to the Crystal Empire. He doesn't take his princely duties as seriously as his parents (or pretty much anyone) would like him to. He's a bit of a slacker and moves at his own pace, which is usually compared to being as slow as a dead snail moving down a hill made of molasses on a cold day. But in the end he really does try to do his best. Even if he'd rather live a normal life and not be confined in the castle, he can't find it in himself to let his parents or the crystal ponies down. Rondache would much rather hitch a ride on a drifting cloud and take a nap than get involved with politics. With a little help from Salem's transformation magic, Rondache can live out his desires as a normal stallion named "Lofty" and sleep on as many clouds as he'd like without being bothered.

Princess Velvet Morning: Daughter of Celestia and Mirror Sombra, heir to the sun and future ruler of Equestria. Velvet takes her role as a princess very seriously. Everything she does is to better herself for when the time comes to take her mother's place, whether it's attending meetings or reading ancient books and scrolls, she'll dedicate every hour to her studies. She's not a fan of how Salem and Rondache conduct themselves as princes and often feels they give the royal family a bad name. In reality, she's just jealous of how easy going they are and wishes she could be as carefree as them. Whenever Salem is successful in dragging his cousin out of her room, she (begrudgingly) walks around as a normal mare named "Early Bird".

Salem was entirely done with pastels while Velvet only has it in her mane. Rondache was just done with colored pencils.
Other Dragons (Colored)
I don't usually double dip images, but thought I'd make an exception with this one. I didn't want to bombard everyone with a giant wall of text that comes with new names and bios.

If you want to see the first one and also read some general info on what's going on in the image, or compare the colored version to the uncolored line work than click the link:…

New Dragon info:

Argus (purple one): Comes from a species of dragon that lives deep in caves. Their diet consists mostly of rocks and other minerals, which they're able to easily dig up and eat with their massive jaws. They're bulky creatures who resemble gargoyles and have the jaw strength of a polar bear on steroids. Hermes describes Argus as a gruff, no nonsense, dragon with a short fuse. He often bosses others around and has a superiority complex, even if he knows he has no authority over anyone whatsoever. Getting on his bad side isn't recommended, even the dragon elders know better than to needlessly pester him. He's the second oldest in this group head shot.

Banryu (muttonchops McGee): Comes from one of the oldest and most well known dragon species, and thus is treated with the highest form of respect by his peers despite not being royalty or an elder. Banryu is one of the very few dragons who has let his existence be known to the world. He serves as a "God" to a small farming village somewhere in Asia and protects the land and its people for a small price. He takes this task very seriously and it often keeps him from going to the meeting place every year, for fear that something will go horribly wrong while he's away. However, he's always a welcomed sight when he does decide to stop by. Hermes will often whisper rumors of Banryu being able to control the wind, but nobody knows if it's true or not. Banryu is the oldest dragon in this picture.

Streamline the Swift (Trico looking guy): The leader of a species of dragon that live in the sky. The black markings on their faces help keep the sun out of their eyes. They spend their days and nights flying above the clouds, eating and drinking very little, and following the breezes from birth to death. His kind rarely ever lands on the ground, and when they do its only for a brief moment. They go where the wind takes them and out of all the dragon groups that are known to exist, the one that Streamline leads is the most peaceful and easy going. Hermes says that Streamline is one of the fastest dragons in the world (he isn't called Swift for nothing), even though his wings are almost twice as long as his body, he's able to to reach speeds of up to 120 mph. He also likes to comment on how Streamline smells of rainwater.

Muzarka (neon scene hair): Daughter of the chief to a tribe of dragons that live deep in the Amazon rain forest. Her tribe is known for being one of the only dragon groups that are dexterous enough to make and use tools. They make nets and snares to capture food and set traps of all kinds to keep humans from entering their territory. Other groups idolize them when it comes to their natural ability to solve problems and work well in teams. Hermes admits to having a rather noticeable crush on Muzarka and often fantasizes about their life together. In reality, she barely even notices that he exists and Hermes is too shy to even breathe in the same proximity as her, much less ask her out. Nonetheless, he'll go on for hours about how strong, smart, and beautiful she is. The markings on her scales are a status symbol in her home land, the red paint means she's a fearsome warrior. Not counting Hermes, she's the youngest in the picture.

Todor (the goblin king): A large and bulky dragon with an ego to match, Todor is one of the more common verities of dragon that can be found at the gathering place. His species is one that's most commonly described in fairy tales and stories of knights, they now spend their days stealing livestock and claiming abandoned European castles as their homes. He likes to go around and try to challenge others to a fight, his cries for attention are usually ignored but he's sometimes able to bait another dragon to a dual. For the most part, he's an okay fighter, but he has a habit of never playing fair. Hermes doesn't have a lot of positive things to say about Todor, he doesn't like how the larger dragon is always so rough. He's a few years older than Hermes. 

Hermes: Goober of a dragon. He lives in the town of Pleasantville and works as a paper drake. More info on him can be found here:…


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